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Wendy’s E. coli Outbreak Lawsuits - Utah, 2006

On August 7, 2006, the Weber-Morgan Health Department (WMHD) announced that four people had become ill with E. coli O121:H19 infections after eating iceburg lettuce prepared at the Wendy’s restaurant located at 2500 N 400 E in North Ogden, Utah. WMHD announced that three of the four people confirmed ill with E. coli infections had developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

WMHD’s investigation into the outbreak revealed that Wendy’s had catered a CORE Academy luncheon on June 30. More than 300 people were potentially exposed to the E. coli O121:H19 bacterium. Two individuals who ate salads at the luncheon were confirmed ill with E. coli O121:H19 illnesses, and one developed HUS. Further investigation revealed that one ill individual consumed hamburgers purchased at the Wendy’s restaurant on June 27, 28, and 29 and also developed HUS.

The E. coli lawyers at Marler Clark filed a lawsuit against Wendy’s on August 11, 2006. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a family who became ill with E. coli O121:H19 infections after the mother attended the CORE Academy conference in Harrisville and became ill. One child was hospitalized with HUS. The firm also represents two women who became ill with E. coli infections and suffered acute kidney failure. All matters have been resolved.

Family Sues Wendy’s over E. coli Poisoning

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