E. Coli Litigation

A resource for E. Coli Outbreak Legal Cases sponsored by Marler Clark

Marler Clark’s E. coli lawyers developed this site to keep our clients up-to-date on current litigation being prosecuted by Marler Clark throughout the United States. The site is also a resource for Marler Clark co-counsel in E. coli cases, print and broadcast media who are working on stories about E. coli outbreaks and outbreak-related litigation, and potential clients who are researching Marler Clark in anticipation of filing an E. coli claim.

Marler Clark Current Case Updates

E. coli litigation is currently taking place in several states.

  • Federico’s Mexican Restaurant E. coli Lawsuits and Litigation

    The Marler Clark attorneys have filed lawsuits on behalf of E. coli outbreak victims whose illnesses were traced to lettuce used in food sold by Federico’s, a Mexican restaurant located in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 

  • Glass Onion Catering & Gourmet Foods E. coli Outbreak

    The Marler Clark attorneys have filed 5 individual lawsuits against the parent company of Glass Onion Catering, Artherstone Foods.  The lawsuits were filed on behalf of California and Washington residents who fell ill with E. coli infections in October and November of 2013 after eating salads purchased from Trader Joe’s locations.

  • Jimmy John’s Clover Sprouts E. coli Outbreak and Lawsuits

    Marler Clark is representing victims of an E. coli O26 outbreak linked to raw clover sprouts used as toppings on sandwiches served at Jimmy John’s restaurants.  The law firm filed 5 E. coli lawsuits against Jimmy John’s on behalf of outbreak victims.  4 cases have been resolved, while 1 remains in litigation.

  • Schnucks Romaine Lettuce E. coli Outbreak Lawsuits and Litigation

    Marler Clark E. coli attorneys have filed two lawsuits on behalf people made seriously ill with E. coli illnesses after consuming romaine lettuce from Schnucks supermarket salad bars. Along with Schnucks, Moore, Oklahoma-based distributor Vaughan Foods has been added as a defendant in all litigation related to this outbreak.

  • State Garden Spinach & Spring Mix E. coli Lawsuits & Litigation

    Marler Clark represents several victims of a 33-person E. coli outbreak that was traced to Wegmans Organic Spinach and Spring Mix sold at Wegmans stores on the East Coast in October, 2012.  The firm has filed 3 lawsuits on behalf of E. coli outbreak victims from Western New York.